About us

The organization is governed by volunteer members serving as Pod 1 Dachem’s Board of Directors and Officers. Members meet monthly to network, discuss events, organizational needs as well as issues related to their businesses.

Pod 1 Dachem made its first public showing at the Polish Constitution Day Parade on May 7th 2016 and plans to continue to participate in Polonia and Polish-American sponsored events to promote itself and its members.

The organization is growing and is always looking for new members to join. For more information or to apply for membership please visit Pod 1 Dachem on online www.pod1dachem.com, on its Facebook page, or call the organization at 773-614-7631.


Katarzyna Piatek
Anita Kwasny
Vice President
Sebastian Twardowski
Christopher Kurczaba
Daniel Lach
Honorary Vice President
Mariusz Bugara
Bartosz Maj

I credit meeting many businesses of our organization. As a result it allows us to grown stronger together.

Adam - Chicago Preferred Car

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